Downton Abbey – Season Two

A belated review from The Movie Snob.

Downton Abbey – Season Two  (B).  Season one of Downton Abbey ended with the outbreak of World War I; season two opens in 1916, in the thick of that conflict, and it ends in 1919.  I won’t commit any spoilers here (even though I’m so far behind the times that it would probably be safe to do so).  Let’s just say that season two seemed even more soap-operatic to me than season one did.  Heir-apparent Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens, A Walk Among the Tombstones) is mostly off at the western front, but back home he has gotten engaged to someone other than Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery, Hanna).  Noble valet John Bates is still trying to be rid of his viperish wife so he can be with his true love, the sweet and lovable Anna.  What’s-his-name, the politically radical Irish chauffeur, is still in love with Lady Sybil.  And life at Downtown Abbey is turned upside down when it becomes a convalescent home for wounded soldiers.  Some excessively soapy touches slightly diminished my enjoyment of the season, but all in all I still liked it very well.  On to season three!


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