The Movie Court is a handful of folks in the Dallas area who occasionally post movie reviews, DVD reviews, book reviews, stage reviews, and the like.  Members of The Movie Court include:

The Borg Queen, who assimilates anything having to do with Star Trek or Star Wars at light speed.

Nick at Nite, a man whose love of zombie movies is the stuff of legend.

Motor City Reviewer, who is both our newest reviewer and a name partner with a top Dallas law firm.

The Movie Snob, so-called because he is willing to see the occasional movie with subtitles.

Comic Book Guy (or CBG), who has forgotten more about Thor and Green Lantern than you or I will ever know.

Movie Man Mike, a movie aficionado of broad-ranging taste.

Mom Under Cover, a practicing attorney and mother of two who enjoys reading and traveling.

The Bleacher Bum and The Guy Named David, who are both fathers to very young children and haven’t been seen around The Movie Court too much lately.

Dan in Reel Life, who’s our only non-attorney reviewer.

One comment on “About

  1. alec96 says:

    I have read a few of your reviews, and I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

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