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Fury  (A-).  It is April 1945, and the American army is driving deep into the heart of Nazi Germany.  But the Germans are continuing their desperate resistance, and military and civilian casualties are piling up at a sickening rate.  In Fury, we join the five-man crew of an American tank (nicknamed Fury), and we get a grounds-eye view of the final days of the war.  Brad Pitt (12 Years a Slave) plays the savvy sergeant in command, and Logan Lerman (Noah) plays Norman, the green recruit who has been plucked out of a clerk assignment to become the tank’s assistant driver.  There is mud and gore aplenty as Fury chugs along from one battlefield to the next, and we see how the war coarsens Norman as it has already brutalized the rest of the crew.  The battle sequences are truly top-notch, especially a pitched battle at close range between three American tanks and one far superior German tank. A scene in which the Americans conquer a German town is also fascinating as we watch to see if the Americans will treat the vanquished as badly as the Nazis did.  Director David Ayer (End of Watch) is definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on, as only a few “Hollywoodized” and unbelievable moments mar this intense film.  Rated R for strong sequences of war violence, some grisly images, and language throughout.


5 comments on “Fury

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  2. […] Douglas (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) also stars as the inventor of the suit.  Michael Peña (Fury) steals every scene he’s in as Rudd’s motormouthed sidekick Luis.  Watch carefully and […]

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  5. […] but at any rate Dunkirk is certainly among the very best movies I saw this year.  Kind of like Fury did a couple of years ago, Dunkirk drops you right into the action and (I’m speculating) gives […]

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