The Internship

Mom Under Cover sends us this movie review.

The Internship – B

This buddy movie proves that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have a certain chemistry on-screen that was not a fluke (Wedding Crashers).  Billy and Nick (Vaughn and Wilson) are forty-something salesmen out of a job because no one wears wrist watches anymore a la Willy Loman.  They enroll in the University of Phoenix to qualify as “students” for an internship at Google (which is portrayed as Nirvana). Despite their hilarious interview via Skype, Billy and Nick secure spots as Nooglers.  The movie is predictable — the youngsters eschew Billy and Nick, but in the end, the old geezers have something to share with their younger counterparts and are not obsolete after all; the team comes together–Kum-bay-ya.  For those of a certain age, Billy and Nick’s ’80s cultural references that fly over the heads of the co-eds are pretty funny.  Rose Byrne plays Wilson’s alluring love interest.  Will Farrell has a cameo as a mattress salesman that is uncharacteristically flat.  Go with low expectations and you will enjoy it.

Night at the Museum 2

Movie review from The Movie Snob

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (D). I disliked the first installment in what is looking frighteningly like a franchise, so why did I see the sequel? Well, it seemed to get marginally better reviews, and, well, okay, because Amy Adams (Sunshine Cleaning) just looked so darned cute in the previews as Amelia Earhart. She cutes it up with great vigor, but even her wide-eyed cutesiness isn’t enough to save this bland waste of celluloid. Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder) returns as Larry Daley, a former museum night watchman who finds himself up to his eyeballs in “adventure” when a magical Egyptian tablet is taken to the Smithsonian Institute and starts bringing all the exhibits to life. One of the exhibits-come-to-life is an evil Egyptian pharoah, played with zero menace but lots of lisp by Hank Azaria (Shattered Glass). He has a plan to take over the world, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it impossible to care. Skip it.

Night at the Museum

New from The Movie Snob

Night at the Museum (D). There are children’s movies that both children and adults can enjoy. Night at the Museum is not one of those movies. The premise sounded promising–an ordinary guy takes a job as a night watchman at the Museum of Natural Science where, to his surprise, all of the exhibits come to life after sundown, including the tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in the lobby. In the inept hands of director Shawn Levy (The Pink Panther, the Cheaper by the Dozen movies), what should be magical is rendered amazingly dull. Having the unappealing Ben Stiller (While We’re Young) star as protagonist Larry Daley didn’t help matters any. Neither did the sappy subplot about Larry’s son being terribly disappointed in him because he can’t hold down a steady job. The swooning musical score was terrible. To be fair, the kids in the audience seemed perfectly happy with the movie. If you’re an adult, however, you should consider taking a flashlight and a book.

The Pink Panther

DVD review from Nick at Nite

The Pink Panther

After having seen this movie my only conclusion is that one of the producers of the movie must have a series of compromising photographs of Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, and Beyoncé. Nothing else could possibly explain why this movie was made. Well, money. Money could explain it. Remarkable to me that at this point in their careers any of the three of these actors need any money. Kevin Kline’s wife is an actress … they must have gobs of moo-laa. Steve Martin is not married and has no children … he probably has a few million stuck in his sofa. Beyoncé? Isn’t she the only one that really was Bootylicious and as such doesn’t she have all of the cash from her all-powerful girl group? I was so thoroughly disappointed with this film that I am going to stop asking for the advice of the sixteen year old working at my local Blockbuster. Save yourself the time and pain. Rent the original Pink Panther. Not any of the sequels. The original. Get some popcorn. Put on some clothes from the late 70s or early 80s and have a good time. I give The Pink Panther with Steve Martin a “D.” I give The Jerk an “A.” I give the original Pink Panther an “A.”