The Fog (2005)

From The Movie Snob:

The Fog (2005). (D-) You are probably wondering why The Movie Snob ventured into terrain usually surveyed by The Movie Court’s intrepid reporter Nick at Nite. Well, I’m home in Arkansas for the holidays, and my kid sister likes all kinds of scary movies, and this re-make is currently playing at the dollar theater. So we wasted 100 pennies and 100 minutes of our lives on this terrible, and terribly unscary, flick. The plot makes very little sense, so explication is beside the point. Basically, a mysterious fog harboring malevolent and homicidal spirits invades a quaint little fishing town on an island off the coast of Oregon. Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions) and the guy who plays Superman on Smallville (Tom Welling, Cheaper by the Dozen) and some blond chick that my sister says is on Lost (Maggie Grace, The Jane Austen Book Club) race against time to figure out what the spirits want and hopefully stay alive. On the plus side, the ghosts have a flair for unusual killing methods. I’ve never seen a movie character die from a severe case of dishpan hands before. Steer clear of this turkey.