Christmas Wedding Planner (TV movie)

Happy holidays from The Movie Snob!

Christmas Wedding Planner  (A).  Well, my sister doesn’t have cable, so I couldn’t watch a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie before the holiday rolled around. Fortunately she does have Netflix and we were able to make do with this little treat—commercial free, too! It checked off most of the critical boxes:

  • A cute and quirky heroine to root for. In this case, her name is Kelsey, and she is trying to kick off a wedding-planning business by arranging her cousin Emily’s Christmas wedding to the lackluster Todd.
  • An unattractive, uncharming romantic interest for the heroine. This role is filled by Connor, who starts showing up at Emily’s pre-wedding events uninvited.  He tells Kelsey that he’s a PI who’s been hired to look into this lackluster Todd guy for Emily’s protection.
  • Musical montage. Kelsey reluctantly agrees to help Connor, since he’s looking out for her beloved cousin Emily, and they indulge in said montage while doing a stakeout on the sinister yet lackluster Todd.
  • C-list celebrities in minor roles. Here, Kelly Rutherford (TV’s Melrose Place and Gossip Girl) and Joey Fatone (boy band NSYNC) fit the bill.

With all the ingredients in place, this 86-minute Christmas confection is ready to please.  Kelsey and Connor experience the obligatory misunderstanding that briefly drives them apart, but everything hurtles to a satisfactory conclusion. Well, satisfactory for all except poor Emily, who winds up not a Christmas bride but a maid of honor at Kelsey and Connor’s Christmas nuptials instead. But even Emily really seems pretty okay with it, so we don’t have to feel guilty about shedding wedding tears of joy for the winsome Kelsey and the homely Connor. Happy holidays!

Dancing With the Stars — Live!

Review by The Movie Snob

The touring Dancing With the Stars show came to Dallas last night, and your humble Snob was there. It was quite a spectacle. A huge stage and dance floor took up a fair amount of the floor of the American Airlines Center, and there were tables and chairs around the dance floor just like on TV. (I was up in the stands, first tier.) The stars of the show were four past competitors — Joey Lawrence, Joey McIntyre, Joey Fatone, and Drew Lachey — and four of the professional dancers — Cheryl Burke, Julianne Hough, Kym Johnson, and Edyta Sliwinska. But they were supported by a large cast of additional professional dancers, and all the music was live. It was a fun, energetic show. In fact, I would say, the professional dancers have to be some of the hardest-working people in show biz. The evening slowed down for a little while when four local couples got were summoned to the dance floor for their own little mini-competitions, but then it picked back up once the pros got back to business. A good time was had by all, or at least by my cousin Diane, my friend The Borg Queen, and me.