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Logan  (A-).  Yes, this is an awfully high grade to give a rated-R comic-book movie with all sorts of severed heads and spurting arteries and such.  But what can I say?  I thought this movie was excellent.  Hugh Jackman (Scoop) returns for his millionth turn as Wolverine, the irascible, indestructible mutant with the retractable claws.  Only now he’s not feeling so indestructible.  The year is 2029, and he is old and sick and not regenerating like he used to.  He’s lying low somewhere near the U.S.-Mexico border taking care of Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart, Excalibur), who is not only old and sick but also having seizures that cause all sorts of mayhem for everyone around him because of his uncontrolled psychic powers.  All the other mutants we’ve come to know and love in the other X-Men movies are apparently dead, and no new mutants have been born in many years.  Wolverine is just trying to scrape together enough money in his job as a limo driver so he can buy a boat and sail out to sea with Professor Xavier (thereby saving mankind from the effects of Xavier’s seizures, I think).  Then everything goes sideways when a desperate woman finds Wolverine and begs him to transport a young girl to Canada—a girl with mutantly powers awfully reminiscent of Wolverine’s.  Of course, there are bad guys hot on her trail, and the movie quickly turns into a quasi-remake of Children of Men (which is not a bad movie to borrow from, if you’re going to borrow).  Despite all the crazy, bloody fight scenes, the movie really worked for me as a meditation on mortality and the meaning of family.  And newcomer Dafne Keen does a nice job as the mysterious little girl with anger-management issues.

P.S. I forgot to mention this when I initially posted this review–I think this is the first time I have ever seen a movie in the United States that features Spanish subtitles.  Some of the movie was in Spanish, and those parts had no subtitles.  I wonder if those parts were subtitled in English in other showings?


The Wolverine

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The Wolverine  (C+).  I have generally liked the X-Men movies, and I like Hugh Jackman (Australia), but this tale about the angriest X-Man of them all was a bit of a yawner.  You may remember that Wolverine had a bit of personal trauma a couple of movies back.  Well, that sad episode has turned him back into a lone-wolf drifter.  But then this Japanese gal with a bright red dye job and eyes straight out of an anime cartoon tracks him down and persuades him to go to Japan.  Mayhem ensues, but of a generic and ultimately forgettable kind.  I did sort of enjoy the fact that the movie was full of people I had never seen before–mostly Japanese folks, but also a Russian actress playing a nasty mutant called Viper.  That doesn’t happen too often in these blockbuster flicks.  (Well, okay, Famke Janssen (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) shows up in a few scenes, but otherwise I didn’t recognize a soul.)  Stick around for a bonus scene that pops up during the closing credits.