Changing Places (book review)

The Movie Snob transmits a new book review.

Changing Places, by David Lodge (Penguin 1975).  This is an entertaining little novel by British author David Lodge.  It is set in the spring semester of 1969.  Two English professors are trading places for the semester.  One is an American, Morris Zapp, who is a renowned Austen scholar at fictitious State University of Euphoria on the West coast.  (I’m guessing SUE is a stand-in for Berkeley.)  He’s also a womanizing cad whose second marriage is disintegrating.  The other is a British fellow, Philip Swallow, who is an undistinguished scholar at a very mediocre college called the University of Rummidge.  He’s also a typical family man with a wife and a couple of kids.  Each is a fish out of water, but especially Swallow, as he gets caught up in the general craziness surrounding the student movement at Euphoric State (as the school is affectionately known).  I quite enjoyed it.