White Sands (book review)

A new book review from The Movie Snob.

White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World, by Geoff Dyer (2016).  I’d never heard of Dyer until I read a favorable review of this book, but he’s a Brit, now living in Los Angeles, who has won a whole passel of awards for his writing.  I thought this book of essays, mainly about travel, was okay.  It had some good bits, like the story about the trip he and his wife took to Norway in mid-winter in an attempt to see the Northern Lights.  And the story of the time they picked up a hitchhiker in New Mexico about a minute before coming to one of those big warning signs about not picking up hitchhikers because there are prisons nearby.  The final story about a minor stroke he suffered at age 55 was pretty good.  But other parts are less memorable, and there’s a fair amount of hippie-ish mumbo-jumbo that I could not appreciate.  And I was put off by the book’s forward, in which Dyer says that the book is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction without explaining why he added the fiction.  Well, there’s something that sounds like an explanation, but I didn’t get it.


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