From the desk of The Movie Snob.

Equity  (C).  They say that behind every great fortune there is a crime, and if it’s not true in the real world it certainly seems to be true in the movies.  Equity is a taut drama about high finance and base villainy, or at least it aspires to be.  And, for novelty’s sake, it features women in the central roles of: the successful but still driven high financier Naomi (Anna Gunn, TV’s Breaking Bad), her ambitious but underappreciated underling Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas, Backwards), and Samantha, the federal prosecutor who is sniffing around Wall Street for perps to bust (Alysia Reiner, Sideways).  I expected the movie to focus on rampant sexism in the financial industry, but I thought it really downplayed that angle, focusing much more on possible insider trading in connection with a big IPO that Naomi and Erin are trying to midwife.  Anyhoo, I thought it was a pretty generic movie, although James Purefoy, who was so good as a sleazy Mark Antony in HBO’s Rome, generates a little interest.


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