The Move Snob finally makes it back to the movie house.

Nerve (C-).  A suspense flick about about a bunch of teenagers who get caught up in a dangerous web-based game of truth-or-dare (minus the truth part) is not exactly the kind of movie that would ordinarily catch my eye.  But The Weekly Standard‘s movie reviewer, John Podhoretz, called it a “nifty suspense thriller,” so I thought I’d give it a look before it disappears from the big screen.  I should have looked for something else.  Emma Roberts (Hotel for Dogs) plays Vee, a good girl who gets caught up in the thrill of the game, and Dave Franco (Neighbors) plays the sketchy hunk that the game throws in her path.  It’s kind of like a cross between those classic 1990s flicks The Net and The Game.  It’s never terribly believable (or suspenseful), and the ending is ridiculous.  But if you’re a parent of teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers, it might make you even more nervous about what your kids are doing online.  If you’re not, it’s just a cheesy way to spend 96 minutes of your life.


One comment on “Nerve

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