Getting Hitched (book review)

A book review from The Movie Snob.

Getting Hitched: Rediscovering the Basic Truths of Mutual Attraction, by David R. Upham, Ph.D (2015).  I first found out about Dr. Upham’s interest in marriage by hearing about his blog,  Then I heard about his book.  He’s a politics professor at my own alma mater, the University of Dallas, so my curiosity was piqued.  At only 115 pages, the book is a pretty breezy read.  He assumes that the reader is at least open to the possibility of getting married, and he makes his case for what men and women are attracted to, what they look for in a mate, and what dating strategies are best for finding a suitable mate.  He generally steers clear of religious argument, sticking mostly to literature, pop culture, and a goodly amount of evolutionary biology.  A lot of what he said made sense to me.  If the subject of marriage interests you at all, this book is not a bad investment.


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