Ghostbusters (2016)

A new review from The Movie Snob.

Ghostbusters  (D).  I gather there has been a lot of hoopla about this Ghostbusters remake because it has four ladies instead of four guys wielding the anti-ghost proton packs or whatever they’re called.  Some of that energy should have been channeled into making a better movie.  I haven’t seen the original in a very long time, but in my memory it was a mildly amusing comedy with a lot of cool special effects.  The new film doubles down on the special effects, but it isn’t funny, and the gooey we’re-not-just-a-team-we’re-a-family moments made me roll my eyes.  I like Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) a lot, but neither gets to do the shtick she’s good at–as exemplified in films like, I don’t know, Bridesmaids maybe.  There are lots of references to stuff in the original movie, which die-hard Ghostbusters fans (I guess there are such people?) will undoubtedly appreciate.  But for me, this was a 105-minute snoozer.

Oh, I unintentionally saw it in IMAX 3D, and the movie looked great, but the volume was turned up to 11.  I covered my ears during some of the louder scenes.  Just a word to wise.


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