Midnight Special

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Midnight Special  (B).  Jeff Nichols, the writer/director of the very good film Mud, is back with a science-fiction/action/suspense movie starring Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), Joel Edgerton (Jane Got a Gun), and Kirsten Dunst (Elizabethtown).  We join the action already in progress—there’s an Amber Alert out in west Texas for an abducted eight-year-old boy named Alton (Jaeden Lieberher, St. Vincent).  We quickly figure out that he has been abducted by his dad Roy (Shannon) and Roy’s friend Lucas (Edgerton).  And we don’t mind so much, because apparently Roy and Lucas abducted Alton from a weird religious cult, and they want him back—bad.  The federal government, personified by Kylo Ren himself (Adam Driver, Star Wars: Episode VII), also has a keen interest in the lad.  What’s up with the boy?  Why does he wear goggles most of the time, and big ear protectors when he sleeps?  And why is everybody after him?  Although the movie felt a little derivative, especially of one other movie that shall remain nameless, I still enjoyed it.


6 comments on “Midnight Special

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Which movie that shall remain nameless? hehe

    • I thought it was most derivative of Starman, but I’ve seen other reviewers mention E.T. and Close Encounters. A friend of mine even mentioned Escape to Witch Mountain!

      • Joachim Boaz says:

        Starman is painful… so, probably won’t see this one — I’ve been deliberating about whether I should — I tend to be frustrated with most SF films despite my passion for SF books.

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