The Movie Snob submits a new review of an old movie.

Laura  (B).  Who killed Laura Hunt?  That’s the question that drives this classic 1944 film noir.  Laura (Gene Tierney, Leave Her to Heaven) was a beautiful and successful advertising executive (long before the Mad Men era!).  She was the frequent companion of a venomous and snobbish newspaper columnist (Clifton Webb, Three Coins in the Fountain), the lover of a shiftless cad (Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth), and the niece of a wealthy, frosty aunt (Judith Anderson, Rebecca).  And now she’s dead, slain with a shotgun in her own apartment.  It’s up to sharp-eyed detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews, The Best Years of Our Lives) to find the clues and solve the case.  It’s a fun and twisty little movie, and only 88 minutes long, too.  Check it out!

3 comments on “Laura

  1. […] taking a train to New Mexico. During the ride, he meets the beautiful Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney, Laura), and it turns out they’re going to the same ranch. Although Ellen is already engaged, she […]

  2. Douglas Frobese says:

    The Movie Snob goes classical. That film is one I’ve meant to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet. Since the MS has approved it, I’ll have to make viewing it a priority.

  3. […] couple of old movies for the first time this year that I’d recommend.  One is the 1944 film noir Laura, which is a heck of a lot of fun and features the beautiful Gene Tierney.  The other is the 1967 […]

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