The Moviegoer (book review)

A book review from the desk of The Movie Snob.

The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy (1961).  I read this novel years ago, and I remember I liked it OK.  Then a friend of mine recently mentioned it to me, and I rediscovered it in my library, so I thought I would give it a re-read.  It’s not bad, but I can’t say I really connected with it.  I couldn’t relate to the first-person narrator of the tale, Binx Bolling, and that always hurts my enjoyment of a book.  Binx is an aimless fellow on the edge of thirty, skeptical about everything and unable to commit to anything—except to going to movies and falling in love with his secretaries.  He has a step-cousin, Kate, who is an even bigger mess than he is.  This is the story of just about a week in their closely intertwined lives.  Although The Moviegoer won the National Book Award the year it was published, I can’t say I loved it.  I do remember liking the other Walker Percy novel I have read, Love in the Ruins, quite a bit more, though.


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