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Youth  (C).  I enjoyed the last (and Oscar®-winning) film by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, The Great Beauty.  That was a movie about a bon vivant, no longer young, looking back and trying to make some sense of his life, the universe, and everything.  In Youth, Sorrentino doubles down by giving us not one but two old-timers, played by Michael Caine (Children of Men) and Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction).  They are old friends, hanging out at a luxurious resort in the Swiss Alps.  Keitel is a movie director, still active and hard at work with a team of screenwriters on the movie that he calls his “testament.”  Caine, sad-eyed and apathetic, is a retired composer and conductor of classical music, and he refuses to come out of retirement even when he sought out for a performance before the Queen of England.  Rachel Weisz (About a Boy) is also on hand as Caine’s unhappy daughter and personal assistant.  Paul Dano (Looper) pops up from time to time as an actor also staying at the resort.  Although a few significant events do transpire, it’s a very static and artsy movie.  There are lots of short, silent scenes, and lots of scenes of people just ambling around talking about this and that.  It’s okay, but at 124 minutes it definitely started to feel long after a while.


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  1. […]  (C)  This film had a lot of potential, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Michael Caine (Youth) plays Pierre Brossard, a man living in France, who is under the protection of the Catholic Church. […]

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