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Spectre  (B+).  This is my favorite James Bond film in a long time.  Although it is about two and half hours long, I never looked at my watch.  The opening action sequence, set in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, had me on the edge of my seat, and really all of the action sequences held my interest very well.  Daniel Craig (The Invasion) seems completely at home as 007.  Although I have apparently seen this installment’s “Bond girl,” Léa Seydoux, in a couple of movies (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Midnight in Paris), I have no memory of her in those films.  Here, however, I thought she was quite memorable.  I didn’t think Christoph Waltz (Big Eyes) was given enough room to stretch his legs as the head villain, but he did what he could with his few minutes of screen time.  I’ll be interested to see if Craig signs on for another installment.  I saw somewhere that Spectre has grossed over $800 million worldwide, so I have to think he’d be welcome.


3 comments on “Spectre

  1. […] can’t say I saw this coming.  I had about given up on the James Bond franchise, when along comes Spectre.  Sure, it’s a little goofy in parts, but I thought Spectre was a thoroughly enjoyable thrill […]

  2. […] at the very beginning of the movie, where he sort-of befriends a guy with a limp (Ben Whishaw, Spectre) and a guy with a lisp (John C. Reilly, Chicago).  Some hotel residents desperately want to find […]

  3. […] part of a trap being set by Belgian King Leopold’s nefarious agent Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz, Spectre), who needs to lure Tarzan to the jungle for reasons of his own.  So most of the movie consists of […]

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