North of the Tension Line (book review)

A book review from The Movie Snob.

North of the Tension Line, by J.F. Riordan (2014).  I read a couple of rave reviews of this novel, Riordan’s first, by reviewers I trust.  One of them even compared Riordan to Jane Austen, so of course I was hooked.  Sorry to say, I thought the book was a bit of a let-down.  The main character is Fiona Campbell, a single woman who finds herself living in small-town Wisconsin near her close friend Elisabeth.  On a dare, she buys a run-down old house in an even smaller Wisconsin town on Washington Island out in Lake Michigan.  Events ensue.  Elisabeth wants a relationship with Roger, who runs her town’s coffee shop.  Fiona doesn’t want the goat Roger gives her as a housewarming gift.  Fiona’s next-door neighbor is a wicked witch.  It’s fine, but it’s nothing special.


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