Sleeping with Other People

A cry of anguish from The Movie Snob.

Sleeping With Other People  (F).  Is there an actor or actress out there that you just instinctively like and root for and want to be in good movies?  I have a few.  Nicole Kidman, of course.  Chris Pratt (not that he needs my help, with the roll that he’s on lately).  Paul Rudd.  And the female lead of this absolutely terrible movie, Alison Brie.  I’ve liked her ever since I first saw her six or seven years ago on the sitcom Community.  Maybe you know her as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men.  She’s pretty, and she can be funny.  But there’s nothing funny about this this misbegotten attempt at romantic comedy.  It is relentlessly trashy and vulgar, but not in a genial Judd Apatow kind of way.  Plus Brie is unlucky enough to be paired with Jason Sudeikis (We’re the Millers).  Maybe Sudeikis is a lovely person in real life, but I found him insufferable both in this movie and in We’re the Millers—he excels at playing the smug, smarmy, superior, hyperarticulate jerk.  (Adam Scott (Friends With Kids) is another actor I can’t watch without disliking, for much the same reason.  And he happens to be in this movie too.)  Anyway, Brie’s character is messed up and pathetic, and Sudeikis’s is, of course, an unlikeable jerk.  And, as previously suggested, the movie is crass and icky throughout.  Please do not waste your money or your time on this movie.  But do give Community a try if you haven’t yet discovered its quirky charms.  It’s now available on the internets, or so I am told.


2 comments on “Sleeping with Other People

  1. […] cute Alison Brie (The Five-Year Engagement) to get her movie career going!  Her recent vehicle Sleeping with Other People was horrendous, and her small fourth-wheel role in this stinker will do her no favors […]

  2. […] Fish) plays the ineffectual captain of the Covenant, but the real stars are Katherine Waterston (Sleeping with Other People) as the Sigourney Weaveresque heroine and Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) playing both […]

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