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Shane  (C).  I guess this is considered a classic Western—and it got six Academy Award nominations—but I didn’t think it was anything special.  Shane (Alan Ladd, The Great Gatsby (1949)) is a wandering gunfighter who accidentally wanders into a Wyoming range war between a big rancher named Ryker and a bunch of homesteaders who want to fence and farm the valley.  Shane throws his lot in with the sodbusters, led by stalwart Joe Starrett (Van Heflin, 3:10 to Yuma (1957)), his wife Marian (Jean Arthur, You Can’t Take It With You), and his annoying son Joey (Brandon De Wilde, Hud).  A very young Jack Palance (City Slickers) got a supporting-actor nomination for his performance as an evil gunslinger the rancher brings to town to deal with the farmers.  Roger Ebert calls it a great movie, but I thought it was only passable.


5 comments on “Shane

  1. Ronnie Verhalen says:

    Man, were you ever wrong on this one! Are we related at all? Shane is one of my top three movies of all time, in all genres. To me, every scene is a work of art. I loved the whole thing, the acting, the story, the cinematography, the characters, etc. etc. It couldn’t have been any better. Sure, the story is an old one, ranchers versus sodbusters, but George Stevens lays all other similar stories in the shade. He was a top-of-the-line director, and it shows. Alan Ladd was normally a “B” movie actor, but this is by far his best performance———the other characters, too, and actors, were outstanding. I could go on and on (ranting). Remind me sometime to go over this with you, scene by scene. ———- You definitely are a really good critic and you’ve seen tons more movies than I have, but Cuz you missed this one. —– This is just one Correct Cousin’s opinion. R.V.

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