A new review from The Movie Snob.

Tomorrowland  (C).  Well, director Brad Bird (The Incredibles) kind of laid an egg with this one.  (Per IMDB, its stateside haul so far is only about half of its $190 million budget.)  But it’s not a bad movie.  There’s sort of a prologue in which a boy who will grow up to be George Clooney gets to visit a place of technological wonders hidden somewhere beneath the 1964 World’s Fair and, we expect, fall in love with a cute little girl named Athena.  Fast forward to today, and a brainy, optimistic gal named Casey (Britt Robertson, TV’s awesome Under the Dome) receives a mysterious pin that gives her visions of Tomorrowland.  This gets her caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, about which I will say only that it involves a grown-up and curmudgeonly George Clooney (Gravity).  It’s an earnest and optimistic movie, so maybe it just doesn’t fit the national mood right now.  And it is too long, 2 hours and 10 minutes.  But I still liked it okay.


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