Pitch Perfect 2

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Pitch Perfect 2  (B-).  Second verse—same as the first!  Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods) returns as Beca, a leading member of the national-championship-winning Barden Bellas.  (That’s a college a capella singing group, in case you missed the first one.)  A wardrobe malfunction during a performance attended by President Obama gets the Bellas suspended from stateside competitions, and their only shot at redemption is to win the world championship.  You can guess at the trials and tribulations that pad out the movie.  And I do mean “pad”; at 115 minutes, the film suffers from several long dead spots.  And, like the original, it is unnecessarily vulgar—especially in scenes involving Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson, Bridesmaids).  But there are also several chuckles to be had, and the elaborate musical numbers are pretty entertaining.  Although most of the Bellas graduate from college during this installment, new freshman member Emily (Hailee Steinfeld, The Homesman) can provide a bridge to future sequels if Pitch Perfect 2 turns out to be an artistic triumph makes a ton of money.  Elizabeth Banks (Our Idiot Brother) both appears and makes her feature-film directorial debut.


One comment on “Pitch Perfect 2

  1. Brandi says:

    Though this sequel was not as entertaining as the first go round, I was still captivated by Fat Amy’s abundance of confidence. Pitch Perfect made a fan of me the first go round, so it’s likely I will spare another 115 minutes if part 3 is released.

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