Strangers on a Train

The Movie Snob checks in with another classic.

Strangers on a Train  (B+).  I caught this 1951 Hitchcock film at The Magnolia, and I quite enjoyed it.  Two strangers meet on a train somewhere on the east coast.  One is Guy Haines (Farley Granger, They Live by Night), a professional tennis player who wants a divorce from his unpleasant and uncooperative wife so he can be with his true love, a senator’s daughter.  The other is Bruno Antony (Robert Walker, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo), a creepy socialite who seems to know an awful lot about Guy and his problems.  When Bruno casually proposes that he could murder Guy’s wife if Guy would murder Bruno’s father, Guy brushes him off.  He quickly learns that he shouldn’t have done that.  In short, Strangers is a well-plotted little suspense movie.  Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia (Psycho) has a small but important role as the senator’s other daughter.  Check it out if you get the chance.


5 comments on “Strangers on a Train

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