Jupiter Ascending

Movie Man Mike is back!

Jupiter Ascending.  B.  Okay, I’m a sci-fi geek.  Let’s just get that out of the way to start with.  That’s probably why I liked this film, while it has failed to draw in broader audiences.  The film, the stars, and the story are not likely to win any awards or even nominations.  However, the film does contain some pretty cool visual effects and some fun alien creatures.  I saw it in 3-D on an IMAX screen, and I have to say that the 3-D effects were probably the best I’ve encountered to date.

The story-line generally involves a battle between three siblings from another part of the universe.  The siblings are each angling for control over Earth.  Balem Abrasax, played by Oscar-nominee Eddie Redmayne (My Week With Marilyn), has control of Earth when the film opens, but we learn that his control is threatened by the reincarnation of the siblings’ mother, Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis, Oz the Great and Powerful) who would dispossess all of the siblings of their holdings were she to re-assume her position of power.  Jupiter Jones, born on Earth, has no clue that she is reincarnated, leads a very ordinary life, and doesn’t quite believe in beings from outer space.  The siblings send down teams of people to locate her and assassinate her or kidnap her and bring her to them.  Caine Wise (Channing Tatum, 21 Jump Street) is a genetically engineered ex-military hunter who has fallen from grace.  He is sent by one of the siblings to protect Jupiter Jones from assassination and he winds up taking on a little more than he was hired to do.  While the story is a bit complex, the infighting between the siblings and their deceptions and underhandedness draw the viewer into the story.  The film isn’t for everyone and it does have a little cheesiness here and there, but if you like science fiction films, you ought to check this one out.


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