Mrs. Doubtfire

From the pen of The Movie Snob.

Mrs. Doubtfire  (B-).  This was my first time to see this 1993 flick, starring Robin Williams (Night at the Museum) and directed by Chris Columbus (Adventures in Babysitting).  It was not at all as annoying as I expected it to be.  Williams plays Daniel, a voice-over artist who is as hyper and as entertaining as, well, Robin Williams.  As one might expect, this much energy could take a toll on a marriage, and we aren’t too deep into the movie when Daniel’s wife Miranda (Sally Field, Lincoln) gives him the boot.  But he can’t bear to be separated from their three kids, and when Miranda advertises for an after-school nanny for the kiddos, Daniel gets his make-up artist brother to create the perfect disguise—a matronly British woman who applies for and gets the job.  The hijinks that follow are reasonably entertaining and occasionally exhausting.  A very young-looking Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia!) shows up as the new fella in Miranda’s life.  I’m not sure why Columbus felt obliged to include a bunch of tacky sexual references in the movie, thereby tipping it over into PG-13 territory and really making it less enjoyable all the way around.

The two kids who played Robin Williams’s daughters have retired from acting and have blogs now, if you’re curious:



2 comments on “Mrs. Doubtfire

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  2. […] Sally stows away, and they go from adventure to adventure. Sting (Dune) and Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire) have cameos. It’s visually remarkable, and if you liked Time Bandits you’ll probably […]

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