Before I Go to Sleep

The Movie Snob takes one on the chin.

Before I Go to Sleep  (D).  Good grief!  The Dallas Morning News ran a rave review of this new suspense movie starring my beloved Nicole Kidman (The Railway Man), and so I dutifully hurried out to see it.  I mean, Nic’s overdue for a good movie by now, right?  Well, now she’s even MORE overdue.  She plays a British woman who has that weird kind of amnesia that makes you forget everything every time you go to sleep.  (Didn’t Drew Barrymore have that in some lame rom-com not too long ago?)  Colin Firth (Magic in the Moonlight) plays the husband that she wakes up to every morning thinking he’s a complete stranger, and Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes) plays a doctor who is trying to help her on the sly, without her husband’s knowledge.  Both are vaguely sinister.  Whom can she trust?  Who cares?  This is a lame woman-in-peril story that should have been made for cable, without Nicole Kidman.   Too bad, because writer–director Rowan Joffe also wrote The American, starring George Clooney, which I rather liked.


One comment on “Before I Go to Sleep

  1. […] (Amanda Seyfried, Letters to Juliet) who plays her daughter is pretty and ingenuous. Colin Firth (Before I Go to Sleep) is pretty much always good. And poor Pierce Brosnan (Mrs. Doubtfire)! Watching him strain to get […]

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