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Sorcerer (B+).  Many years ago, someone recommended this 1977 release to me.  This past Tuesday, the Magnolia Theater in Dallas showed it as part of its classic film series, so I jumped on the opportunity.  It’s about four men from different parts of the world who need to disappear for a while and wind up in the same backwater village (in Nicaragua, I think).  The movie takes its time introducing the characters and establishing the setting.  Low on funds and desperate to get out of the dumpy village, the four men sign up for a suicide mission–an oil company needs to have some dynamite hauled through 200 miles of jungle to extinguish an out-of-control oil-well fire.  Catch #1 — the dynamite is old and dangerously unstable.  Catch #2 — the trucks have to be cobbled together from several rusted old junkers.  Catch #3 — the trip is 200 miles through Nicaraguan jungle.  Although the movie is decidedly low-tech, director William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist) does a good job ratcheting up the tension, especially in the famous scene in which the trucks try to cross a raging river on a fraying old rope bridge that I wouldn’t have even wanted to walk across.  Roy Scheider (Jaws) plays the only American in the quartet, and I thought he did a great job.  Unfortunately, the movie opened right around the same time as Star Wars, and it flopped at the box office.  It’s definitely worth seeing if you ever get the chance.

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  1. […] movie starring Gene Hackman that stands the test of time.  For an old-fashioned nail-biter, see Sorcerer, starring Roy Scheider.  I liked the old comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, starring Marilyn […]

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