We Are the Best!

The Movie Snob takes in a foreign flick.

We Are the Best! (B+). How about a Swedish movie set in 1982? This movie is about a couple of 7th-grade girls named Klara and Bobo who are best friends and total misfits at school. Klara is the mohawked leader of the pair, while Bobo is quieter and more introspective. Neither has a great home life, and they rebel in small ways, like embracing punk and refusing to play sports during P.E. Almost by accident they form a punk band, and they eventually recruit a friendless eighth-grader named Hedvig, who can actually play guitar, to join their band and teach them a little about music. I thought it was a nice little slice-of-life kind of movie. And it’s interesting, if a bit startling, to hear Klara spouting strong atheist convictions and abusing anybody who crosses her as a conservative and a fascist, usually in the same breath. I guess that’s Sweden for you!

One comment on “We Are the Best!

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