Heaven Is For Real

A new movie review from The Movie Snob.

Heaven Is For Real (B-). This movie is based on a best-selling nonfiction book, so you probably already know the basic story. Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear, Little Miss Sunshine) has a lot going for him. He’s the pastor of small Protestant church in Nebraska, and his congregation seems quite fond of him. He’s got an attractive wife (Kelly Reilly, Pride & Prejudice) and two adorable kids named Cassie and Colton. On the other hand, everything isn’t perfect—the Burpos have money problems, and some unspoken griefs hang in the air. But these woes are quickly overshadowed when four-year-old Colton suffers a ruptured appendix and comes close to death during his emergency surgery. After Colton pulls through, things take a turn for the weird as Colton begins to report visions he had during his operation—he could see what his parents were doing in different parts of the hospital, he saw angels, and he saw heaven and even Jesus Himself. Not surprisingly, Colton’s visions become the talk of his small Nebraska town; what I did find surprising was how Todd finds Colton’s visions upsetting and even faith-shaking. I didn’t quite get why a Christian minister would find reports of a near-death experience involving angels and Jesus so traumatizing. Anyhoo, faith-based movies have kind of a bad reputation for being amateurish and preachy, but I thought this one was pretty decent as these things go.


4 comments on “Heaven Is For Real

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