3 Days to Kill

A new review from The Movie Snob.

3 Days to Kill  (C).  Okay, I didn’t see this movie to check out Kevin Costner’s late-career renaissance, nor did I see it to see whether Hailee Steinfeld is fulfilling the potential she showed in True Grit.  I saw it because it is now playing at the dollar theater and because I wanted to see if the impossibly gorgeous Amber Heard (The Rum Diary, alongside current paramour Johnny Depp) could pull off the role of a senior CIA operative.  I think the answer is “not really,” but somehow I forgot to care.  Anyway, this is a fairly routine action flick in which Costner (The Company Men) plays a long-time CIA hit man who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He goes to Paris, aiming to spend his last few months trying to patch things up with his estranged wife (Connie Nielsen, Gladiator) and daughter (Steinfeld).  But Heard upsets his plans by offering him an experimental drug that could save his life if he’ll take on one last mission.    The film is an unwieldy mesh of fight scenes, car chases, and amusing moments when the hardened hit man tries to deal with his rebellious teenaged daughter–sometimes consulting his victims for child-rearing advice.  It wasn’t terrible, and the price was right.


2 comments on “3 Days to Kill

  1. […] serious problems (like Dan’s relationship with the adolescent daughter (Hailee Steinfeld, 3 Days to Kill) he ran out on) seem to just take care of themselves. But the actors turn in nice performances, and […]

  2. […] Lane, Six Pack) drop in for a few seconds.  And the gorgeous ex-Mrs. Johnny Depp, Amber Heard (3 Days to Kill), has maybe a minute of screen time, as some relative of Aquaman I think.  Ultimately, of course, […]

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