A DVD review from The Movie Snob.

Interview  (F).  Well, this movie proves yet again that you shouldn’t buy a DVD just because you see it on sale for $3 at Big Lots.  Although, in my defense, it seems like I did read a favorable notice of this 2007 release somewhere, and the DVD cover indicates that someone, possibly an insane person, gave it four stars.  Anyway, it is a remake of a Dutch film by Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered by a Muslim in 2004.  Steve Buscemi (The Big Lebowski) directs and stars as Pierre, a political journalist whose fortunes have ebbed to the point that he has to agree to interview a TV starlet named Katya (Sienna Miller, Stardust).  She’s an hour late, he is unprepared and insufferably rude, but despite the rocky start they spend the whole evening together, gradually revealing more and more of their true selves.  Both Pierre and Katya are quite unpleasant, the revelations are dull, the characters’ moments of connection are unbelievable, and the whole thing is just a waste of time.  The bright side is that it’s only 84 minutes long.  And the behind-the-scenes features were okay, but that’s just in comparison to the movie itself.  I’m going to give the DVD to Goodwill, and I urge you not to buy it.


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