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Philomena (A-).  I’m a practicing Catholic, so movies portraying any of the Church’s many scandals are painful for me to see.  Nevertheless, this is undeniably a good one.  As you probably already know, it is based on a true story of an Irish woman who, way back in the 1950s, got pregnant out of wedlock, had nowhere to turn except a Church-run home for girls in such situations, and was badly mistreated there until the nuns finally took her toddler son away and adopted him out to an American couple.  Much later in life, the woman, Philomena, teamed up with a British journalist named Martin Sixsmith to try to find out what happened to her son.  This is their story.  The amazing Judi Dench (Pride & Prejudice) really makes the movie as Philomena, but Steve Coogan (The Lightning Thief) is not bad as Sixsmith either.  I had thought Cate Blanchett was an Oscar lock for Blue Jasmine, but I think Judi Dench gives her a run for her money in this film.  Director Stephen Frears adds another success to his impressive resume (The Queen, Dirty Pretty Things, High Fidelity).

4 comments on “Philomena

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