The Past

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The Past  (A-).  This new film by Iranian director/writer Asghar Farhadi (A Separation) has gotten a lot of great reviews, and I’d say they are well justified.  Like A Separation, this film is a domestic drama, but it plays out somewhat like a thriller because the director continually drops new revelations that make us question and re-evaluate everything we have seen before.  The set-up is not too complicated.  An Iranian man named Ahmad flies to France, and we quickly learn that he is there to get divorced from his wife Marie (Berenice Bejo, The Artist), from whom he has already been separated for a few years.  But then he and we are surprised to find out that Marie is already with another man, Samir, whom she intends to marry.  And then we find out Samir is already married, to a woman who has been in a coma for eight months.  (These revelations come so early in the film that I don’t think they really count as spoilers; many more revelations are yet to come.)  Matters are complicated by Marie’s two daughters (from a marriage before her marriage to Ahmad), especially her older daughter Lucie, who is quite upset by Marie’s liaison with Samir.  And then there’s Samir’s own small son Fouad, who has a really hard time adjusting to all the changes that the adults keep foisting on him.  Great performances all around.  The sheer number of secrets that get revealed along the course of the movie may eventually exceed plausibility, and maybe the movie is really more of a B+, but I enjoyed it so much I think I’ll keep the higher grade.  Check it out.

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