The Golden Mean (book review)

A book review from The Movie Snob.

The Golden Mean: A Novel of Aristotle and Alexander the Great, by Annabel Lyon (2009).  The subtitle may have turned some people off, but it was catnip to a liberal-arts graduate like me.  And what do you know, the book totally exceeded my expectations.  It’s a first-person narrative by the Philosopher himself, recounting not only his adventures as tutor to Alexander the Great, but also some digressions into Aristotle’s background, his time with Plato, and his familiarity with King Philip, Alexander’s father.  Lyon makes Aristotle an interesting if peculiar character.  Her Aristotle suffers from a touch of manic-depression, and although he can be kind, he is generally a bit of a cold fish.  Anyway, I thought it was a thoroughly interesting read that really gave me the feeling of being back in ancient Greece.  Not a time and place I’d want to live, but fascinating to read about.


One comment on “The Golden Mean (book review)

  1. Douglas Frobese says:

    M-Snob: After reading your review, I bought the book for a friend. And I’ll probably pick up a copy of it sometime. My knowledge of Aristotle is woefully thin, and “The Golden Mean” should help with that.

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