The Big Trees

A new DVD review from The Movie Snob.

The Big Trees  (D).  Another day, another dollar DVD.  Alas, it was still a waste of money.  This is a 1952 release starring Kirk Douglas (A Letter to Three Wives) as Jim Fallon, a turn-of-the-twentieth-century con man whose racket is lumber, of all things.  The ins and outs of his scam were lost on me, but basically he goes to northern California with an eye to making a killing by logging the mighty redwoods through some shady but barely legal shenanigans.  There he discovers that a large community of peaceful Quaker-types is already living in the woods, including the lovely Widow Chadwick (Eve Miller, April in Paris).  He gets set to kick them out and take the lumber, but then a second gang of lumber thieves wants a piece of the action, and they’re really mean.  Kirk Douglas exudes charisma, but he can’t save this pedestrian quasi-Western.  Alan “Skipper” Hale of Gilligan’s Island fame has a bit part as one of Fallon’s cronies.  You’ll probably never have a chance to see this movie, but if you do, be sure to skip it.


One comment on “The Big Trees

  1. Douglas Frobese says:

    Movie Snob,
    Would you describe your experience with the dollar DVD bin as the triumph of hope over despair?

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