8 1/2

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8 1/2  (B).  Just a few reviews back, in my review of The Third Man, I remarked that when I see an old “classic” movie, I usually think “Oh, that was interesting” instead of “Wow, that was awesome.”  After seeing Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2 in a special showing at Dallas’s Magnolia Theater the other night, I thought, “Oh, that was interesting.”  Turns out the musical Nine really is pretty faithful to this movie, its source material.  Here, Marcello Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita) plays Guido, a successful Italian film director who is badly blocked in trying to get his next project moving.  He retreats to a fancy spa to try to relax, but he is beset by daydreams, fantasies, and nostalgic reveries of all kinds–not to mention by real, live people, like his wife and his mistress.  The fantasies and dream sequences are interesting, and the “real story” about Guido’s dealings with writers, producers, actors, and actresses is really pretty interesting too.  Is the whole greater than the sum of the interesting parts and pieces?  I didn’t really think so, but still, it was enjoyable enough to watch.


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