We’re the Millers

From The Movie Snob.

We’re the Millers  (D).  Alas, my alleged snobbery did not save me from seeing this piece of cinematic trash down at the old dollar theater.  It’s a “comedy” about a small-time Denver drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis, who is somehow the boyfriend of Olivia Wilde (Drinking Buddies), if I’m not mistaken) who owes his boss a ton of money he can’t repay.  So to avoid getting beaten up or worse, he agrees to drive an RV into Mexico in order to smuggle some marijuana back into the USA, thereby repaying his debt.  Reasoning that he will probably have less trouble at the border if he appears to be a family man, the drug dealer recruits three virtual strangers to pose as his family: a stripper (Jennifer Aniston, Management), a homeless girl (Emma Roberts, Hotel for Dogs), and a dorky teenaged boy who lives in his apartment building (Will Poulter, The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader).  Mishaps ensue, accompanied by vast quantities of profanity and vulgarity of all kinds.  It was terrible.  I think I laughed maybe once during the movie, and it’s almost 2 hours long.  Sadly, the outtakes they showed before the closing credits were much funnier than anything in the movie itself.  Please do not see this movie and encourage Hollywood to make more dreck like this.  I regret giving the filmmakers my dollar.

For an interesting and entertaining cultural analysis of the movie, click here.


3 comments on “We’re the Millers

  1. […] But it stars the irrepressible Steve Zahn (That Thing You Do!), not to mention Jennifer Aniston (We’re the Millers), so I resolved to give it a chance (at a matinee). I was pleasantly surprised. Zahn is well-cast […]

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  3. […]  He plays a washed-up actor who spends his days smoking marijuana with a buddy (Nick Offerman, We’re the Millers) and doing voiceover work for commercials.  And, we quickly learn, he’s facing a serious […]

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