Nine (stage review)

From the desk of The Movie Snob.

Nine, presented by Lyric Stage.  This musical’s short three-performance run is already over, so this review is more of a plug for Irving’s Lyric Stage, which bills itself as “Dallas County’s Locally Produced, Professional Music Theatre.”  It really is a fabulous resource if you like live musicals.  Here are several reasons to check them out:

1.  The performances are always good, both the singing and the acting.

2.  The theaters at the Irving Art Center are very nice, although I don’t recommend the side-balcony seats in the large theater.

3.  They do rarely produced musicals that you may have never heard of before, and they occasionally do world premiers of brand new musicals.

4.  Their big focus of late is producing some of the better-known musicals with their original full orchestrations, which are apparently seldom used.

For Nine, the Lyric Stage made use of a new performing-arts venue, the Dallas City Performance Hall in downtown Dallas.  It is a very nice facility, with a theater probably roughly the same size as the larger theater at the Irving Art Center.  The singing and costumes were excellent, even better than usual.  The musical itself is not particularly a favorite of mine; I saw the 2009 movie version and thought it only fair despite the presence of Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis.  But I enjoyed the performances and the theater, and I look forward to seeing many more Lyric Stage productions.


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