Neverwhere (book review)

A new book review from The Movie Snob.

Neverwhere, by Nail Gaiman (1996).  I got this fantasy novel for The Borg Queen a long time ago without first having read it myself.  The description on the back made it sound good–or at least I thought it did.  It’s about an ordinary British guy who gets caught up into a dangerous world of magical beings that apparently exist alongside us in the real world without our ever perceiving them.  But The Borg Queen didn’t get very far into it at all before deciding it wasn’t for her.  So recently I gave it a try, and I too gave up, after maybe 60 pages or so.  We both found it unnecessarily gruesome.  Within the first few pages, we’re following a couple of bad guys through some dark tunnel, and suddenly one of them skewers a rat with his knife and eats it raw.  How’s that for a pleasant image?  There are plenty of dark images after that, too.  Obviously fiction needs its bad guys, but I am not interested in reading scenes that are gross or gruesome just for gruesomeness’s sake.  This Gaiman fellow also wrote the book Stardust, which I never read, but I saw the movie and liked it decently well, but it had a distinct streak of cruelty in it too, if I remember correctly.  He kind of reminds me of Joss Whedon, another creative fellow who dials the cruelty and torture up just a couple of notches too high in his work.  Anyway, this is another book I will never finish.  Skip it.


2 comments on “Neverwhere (book review)

  1. Douglas Frobese says:

    A book review of a book you did not read? I trust this was not the approach you used in school! Still, your review is helpful advice.

  2. […] is based on a book by Neil Gaiman.  No wonder it’s kind of creepy.  He wrote a book called Neverwhere that I simply quit reading, it was so […]

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