A new review from Movie Man Mike.

Retreat (B+).  This was a riveting psychological thriller of a movie.  Kate (Thandie Newton) and Martin (Cillian Murphy of Inception) head to a private island cottage in hopes of rekindling their marriage, which has suffered some very difficult times.  After a couple of days on the island, Kate spots a stranger walking toward the cottage.  Enter Jack (Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot).  Jack is unconscious when then find him and has blood all over his face.  When he finally comes to, he seems a little crazed and begins to explain that he is in the military and there’s an airborne virus crossing the globe and it’s killing everyone it comes in contact with.  Kate and Martin are a bit skeptical, but what choice do they have but to follow Jack’s direction and seal up the cottage.  They are especially unnerved by the fact that they cannot reach anyone on the short-wave radio.  Events progress and things get really tense.  I’m purposely vague here so I don’t give anything away.  Let me just say that this was really a great rental, with a bit of a surprise ending.  Performances by all three of the main characters are solid.


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