New review from The Movie Snob.

Sweetwater  (D-).  I can hardly believe it when a new Western gets made, and when a new Western stars January Jones (TV’s Mad Men) as a reformed prostitute turned Avenging Angel of Death, I pretty much feel obliged to see it.  Clearly, my sense of obligation is misplaced.  Jacob Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies) plays a psychopathic religious leader (does Hollywood know of any other kind?) out in the wild wastelands of frontier-era New Mexico.  Ed Harris (The Third Miracle) plays a loony lawman sent by the governor to find out if his niece’s husband disappeared on account of foul play.  (Hint: Yes, he did.)  And Jones plays Sarah Ramirez, a bad girl gone straight who just wants to be left alone with her nice husband on their poor dirt farm.  The movie is very violent, features some squalid and explicit sex, and is generally repulsive.  Only Jones’s impressive rampage for revenge at the end generates some suspense and saves this movie from the F it probably deserves.


4 comments on “Sweetwater

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