Drinking Buddies

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Drinking Buddies  (B).  The Dallas Morning News gave this independent dramedy a good review, but I almost let it slip through my fingers—I had to skip out of work a little early a few days ago to catch it before it disappeared from the theaters.  I found it a worthy effort.  It’s basically about a couple of co-workers who dance interminably around the edge of romance.  Kate (Olivia Wilde, Cowboys & Aliens) and Luke (Jake Johnson, Safety Not Guaranteed) work together at a small brewery, and they have an easy camaraderie about them.  But they are both in serious relationships, she with Chris (Ron Livingston, Office Space), and he with Jill (Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect).  Then the two couples go off to a cabin for a weekend getaway together, and you start to wonder if things might—or should—get rearranged a bit.  Olivia Wilde gets to play a real person for a change, and she’s pretty good.  The dialogue seems pretty realistic, and the characters (except for Chris, who’s kind of a dud) are pretty likable.  Check it out on Netflix or Pay Per View or wherever technologically savvy people get their movies these days.


4 comments on “Drinking Buddies

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