Short Term 12

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Short Term 12  (B).  According to Flixster, this indie flick has a 99% favorable score on Rotten Tomatoes, so I expected to like it.  And in fact I thought it was pretty good.  It’s about a group home for teenagers who are so troubled that they can’t be placed in foster homes.  And it’s about the four twenty-somethings who work there–officially just to keep the kids safe and prevent them from running away, but unofficially serving as the kids’ friends, confidantes, and therapists.  And it’s really about Grace (Brie Larson, The Spectacular Now), who is sort of the leader of the quartet of adults and who is plainly nursing some dark secret from her own troubled past.  As I say, it’s a pretty good movie, but, as the reviewer in The Weekly Standard has pointed out, it seems to prettify the whole situation to an unbelievable degree.  In particular, the kids in the group home don’t seem nearly as troubled as they should be if their behavioral problems prevent them from being placed in foster homes.  Then again, as the WS reviewer said, if the movie had been honest on that point, it would probably be too heartbreaking to watch.  It’s worth seeing, but there are better indie films out there — like The Spectacular Now, for example.


3 comments on “Short Term 12

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