In a World . . .

New review from The Movie Snob.

In a World . . .  (B).  Remember that lackluster Meryl Streep movie called It’s Complicated?  It featured a slinky gal who played Alec Baldwin’s trophy wife or girlfriend or something?  Well, that actress is named Lake Bell, and she wrote, produced, and stars in this interesting little independent dramedy.  Bell plays Carol, who is around 30 but still lives with her dad—until he kicks her out to make room for his new and much-younger girlfriend.  Dad is a big fish in a small pond, that pond being Hollywood’s voiceover industry.  Carol is following in her father’s footsteps but without terrific success; mainly she works with actresses as a voice coach.  But then she lands a real gig doing a voiceover for a movie preview, and her career starts to take off.  It’s a pretty amusing little movie, but there’s serious stuff in it too, like some marital difficulties being faced by Carol’s sister and her husband, and dad’s inability to be proud of rather than competitive with Carol.  Worth a look.

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  1. […] pretty good generally weren’t straight comedies.  I guess the best straight comedy I saw was In a World…, about a woman who is trying to grow up while also trying to break into the very male field of […]

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