Prince Avalanche

From the desk of The Movie Snob.

Prince Avalanche  (B-).  Blink and you’ll miss this little indie flick, which I believe is showing in a single theater in the Dallas area.  It’s an amiable little movie starring Paul Rudd (This Is 40), who must be one of the hardest working actors in show biz, and Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), who looks a lot like a young Jack Black (High Fidelity).  The year is 1988.  Alvin and Lance, played by Rudd and Hirsch, are out in the middle of nowhere in central Texas, painting center stripes on some lost highway.  At night, they camp by the side of road.  Alvin catches fish and squirrels for dinner and pines for his girlfriend, who is Lance’s sister.  Lance talks about going to town on the weekends and “partying” with girls.  They bond.  They fight.  They rarely see another soul.  It’s only 94 minutes long, so it doesn’t really wear out its welcome.  I kinda liked it.  Hard to believe it was directed by David Gordon Green (Your Highness).


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