Hate Mail (stage review)

A new review from The Movie Snob.

Hate Mail, a play by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky.  (Playing August 2 – 17 at Dallas’s Bath House Cultural Center.)  I like going to musicals, but I almost never go to regular old plays.  But the Dallas Morning News gave this one a favorable write-up, and the price was not too high, so I gave it a try.  It’s a two-person romantic comedy in which we never see the two characters converse–the entire story is conveyed through their reading their written communications aloud to the audience.  (It’s a little anachronistic in that most of their communications are actual letters, and I don’t think any of them were text messages.)  The guy is a stuffy rich jerk from the Midwest, and the gal is a pretentious would-be artist in NYC, and at first their correspondence is all about his demanding a refund for a broken snow globe he bought from a cheap tourist trap, but things turn zany pretty fast.  It’s a little vulgar in places, and pretentious artist-types make a pretty easy target, but I still thought it was pretty funny.  I was probably predisposed to like it because co-author Bill Corbett is a veteran of my beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000, but I think I would have liked it regardless.  If you’re in Dallas, check it out and support the local art scene.


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