The Movie Snob takes a little trip on the mighty Mississip.

Mud  (B).  When a movie gets a 98% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I figure there must be something to it.  This is writer-director Jeff Nichols’s third film, but the first I have seen, and I was duly impressed.  It’s about a couple of 14-year-old boys living in a small Arkansas town on the Mississippi River.  They’ve heard a rumor about a boat stuck up in a tree on some small island in the River, but when they go to claim it they discover that somebody is actually living in it—a scruffy vagabond who identifies himself only as Mud (Matthew McConaughey, Bernie).  Mud tells them some of his story, and they agree to help him lie low and carry out some other plans he has.  Is he telling them the truth?  Is he dangerous?  Who’s looking for him and why?  Part suspense movie, part coming-of-age tale, this is a solid film featuring outstanding performances by McConaughey and the two youngsters.  Reese Witherspoon (Four Christmases) plays a decidedly unglamorous gal by the name of Juniper.  None other than Joe Don Baker of Mitchell fame also shows up in a small role.  I thought the final act got a little unbelievable, but all in all I enjoyed this movie.

9 comments on “Mud

  1. […] The rock-em-sock-em ending was perhaps a little too long, but General Zod (Michael Shannon, Mud) was a very good villain.  In my humble opinion, this is a very good popcorn movie.  Hats off to […]

  2. […] The Steven Soderbergh movie Side Effects is a pretty effective and twisty little thriller.  So is Mud, starring Matthew McConaughey.  At the risk of making myself a laughing stock among critics, I’m […]

  3. […] DVD player. It is yet another reworking of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Matthew McConaughey (Mud) stars as Connor Mead, a successful fashion photographer and even more successful practitioner of […]

  4. […] much out of this animated feature, and it delivered about what I expected. Reese Witherspoon (Mud) voices protagonist Susan, a woman who gets hit by a meteorite minutes before her wedding to a […]

  5. […] Justice (B).  The inimitable Joe Don Baker (Mud) stars as a Texas deputy sheriff named Thomas Jefferson Geronimo who catches a murderous Mafioso […]

  6. […] Tracks (B).  Well, this movie has already disappeared from Dallas-area theaters, but you can probably still catch it on one of those newfangled “netflicks” or something.  Anyway, it is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who set out to walk across Australia, east to west, with four camels and a dog back in the late 1970s. Mia Wasikowsks (Stoker) stars as Davidson, and although she turns in a nice performance, I was left a little unclear what would possess someone to want to do such a crazy thing.  Adam Driver (Frances Ha) co-stars as a National Geographic photographer who pops in from time to time to take some pix of the adventuress and her camels.  The flick also gives you a close-up look at what camels are really like—big, ornery, and possessed of big, pointy, nasty teeth.  There were surprisingly few snakes, spiders, and crocodiles, though.  Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I look forward to comparing this film to the upcoming Wild starring Reese Witherspoon (Mud). […]

  7. […] itself is getting increasingly less habitable as the 21st century goes on.  Matthew McConaughey (Mud) plays the lead astronaut on the mission, while Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) plays some other […]

  8. […] Special  (B).  Jeff Nichols, the writer/director of the very good film Mud, is back with a science-fiction/action/suspense movie starring Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), Joel […]

  9. […] (B).  This was the last MST episode featuring Joel Hodgson as its host.  Joe Don Baker (Mud) stars as Mitchell, a disheveled slob of a cop who plays by his own rules, bucks the police chief, […]

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