Fill the Void

A movie review from the desk of The Movie Snob.

Fill the Void  (B-).  This Israeli movie is a domestic drama set among the ultra-orthodox Haredi community in Israel.  The set-up takes only a few minutes: an 18-year-old girl named Shira is looking forward to having her marriage arranged when her older sister Esther dies suddenly giving birth to her first child.  Esther’s husband Yochay cannot care for an infant alone, and pretty soon a potential match is found for him.  But his prospective bride lives in Belgium, and Shira’s mother cannot bear the thought of having her grandson move so far away.  So she proposes that Shira should marry Yochay.  Yikes!  Yochay makes his peace with the idea pretty quickly, so the rest of the movie is basically will-she-or-won’t-she.  It’s certainly an interesting look inside a community most people don’t know anything about, and I thought the actress who played Shira did a nice job.  But, as my grade suggests, I was left wanting more.  The bottom line, I think, is that I wanted more explanation as to why Shira makes the decisions that she does.  That said, the movie has a high score on Metacritic, and maybe most people are more tolerant of ambiguity than I am.

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