Waiting for the Barbarians (book review)

A book review from The Movie Snob.

Waiting for the Barbarians: Essays From the Classics to Pop Culture, by Daniel Mendelsohn (2012).  I had never heard of Mendelsohn before recently seeing a favorable review of this essay collection.  My ignorance is not surprising, because it turns out Mendelsohn publishes frequently in The New Yorker and the New York Review of Books, which I don’t read.  Anyway, the book’s subtitle is accurate; this volume contains essays on all sorts of subjects: the Titanic, the television show Mad Men, James Cameron’s movie Avatar, new translations of the Iliad and Herodotus’ History, some modern novels that were unfamiliar to me, and some recent memoirs.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, even the essays about subjects I was totally unfamiliar with.  If you were a liberal-arts major, I bet you will like this book.  And if you do, I strongly urge you to check out a periodical that publishes essays and reviews in a similar vein, The New Criterion.


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